Time Synchronize: Synchronize your Computer Clock with an Internet Time Server.

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future! But if your local PC time is synchronized with the NIST Internet Time Service you'll at least know that your PC's clock is running right on time. And the Absolute Time Corrector can help you be certain that this is always the case.

Absolute Time Server consists of two main components Ц a server part, which works as a Windows service in the background and performs various time synchronization tasks hidden from the user, and a control panel manager that can be used to configure the server parameters.

Time SynchronizeAbsolute Time Corrector makes synchronizing your computer's clocks via the Internet a snap. Here's how it works. "Absolute Time Corrector synchronizes your PC's time using either SNTP or The Time Protocol. Absolute Time Corrector queries NIST timeservers using the Internet and then compares NIST time to the time setting of the host computer. If there is a disparity, Absolute Time Corrector automatically adjusts the computer's time to reflect NIST time".

The program allows you to use a manual, periodical, or a wait-for-connection synchronization mode. Additionally, Absolute Time Corrector offers multithread time synchronization. And this baby sits in your system tray and its popup menu can be activated from there putting Absolute Time Corrector at your fingertips. So don't waste another minute, checkout Absolute Time Corrector and keep you and your PC on time.

Absolute Time Corrector has great, easy-to-use, nice-looking interface. It also offers many useful features, which make time synchronization process fast and easy:

  • Manual, periodical and wait-for-connection synchronization modes.
  • Once set up, the host computer can serve as a timeserver to any size LAN.
  • Easily synchronize your PC's time via the Internet with a single mouse click!
  • Supports RFC-868 (TIME) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) time synchronization protocols.
  • Highly stable and precise. Program automatically selects the fastest server.
  • Multithreaded time synchronization.
  • Time Synchronize.
  • Can enable a sound alarm to verify synchronization.
  • And more convenient features you need every day.
  • User-friendly technical support.

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