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Absolute Time Corrector

Introducing the Absolute Time Corrector

Absolute Time Corrector (ATC) is an award-winning program, which allows you to synchronize your local PC time using NIST (United States National Institute of Standards and Technology) Internet Time Service or LAN time servers.

NIST Internet Time Service allows users to synchronize computer clock via Internet. Time information provided by the service is directly traceable to UTC(NIST). The service responds to time requests from any Internet client in several formats including the TIME, and SNTP protocols.

ATC uses RFC-868 and RFC-2030 time protocols.

RFC-868 (TIME) protocol returns a 32-bit unformatted binary number that represents the time in UTC seconds since January 1, 1900. The server listens for Time Protocol requests on port 37, and responds in either tcp/ip or udp/ip formats.
RFC-2030 (SNTP) is extremely reliable protocol for time-synchronization on the Internet with accuracy from 1 to 50 milliseconds, even over great distances. The server listens for SNTP protocol requests on port 123, and responds in udp/ip format.

Absolute Time Corrector queries NIST timeservers using Internet and then compares NIST time to the time set on host computer. If there is a disparity, ATC automatically adjusts the computer's time to reflect NIST time.

Once set up, the host computer can serve as a timeserver for network of any size. The host can be set to check NIST time as often or seldom as desired, and each computer in the network can likewise be set to check time on the host computer as often as deemed necessary by the network administrator.

Absolute Time Corrector has great, easy-to-use, nice-looking interface. It also offers many useful features, which make time synchronization process fast and easy:

Manual, periodical and wait-for-connection synchronization modes.
Once set up, the host computer can serve as a timeserver to any size LAN.
Easily synchronize your PC's time via the Internet with a single mouse click!
System tray pop-up menu for quick access to main functions.
Hot Keys for main program functions.
Hides in the system tray and does not require any desktop space.
Automatic Internet connection checking.
Easy access to more than 250 exact time NIST Atomic Clock servers.
Supports RFC-868 (TIME) and RFC-2030 (SNTP) time synchronization protocols.
Highly stable and precise. Program automatically selects the fastest server.
Multithreaded time synchronization.
Function for checking time servers' response.
Automatic search and selection of the fastest Atomic Time server.
Socks v4, v4A, v5 proxy server support.
Can enable a sound alarm to verify synchronization.
Built-in business calendar for all your needs.
Auto-run on Windows startup option.
Easy-to-use user interface.
Supports Windows XP/Vist/7/8 styles.
Small download size and easy installation.
Built-in Automatic Updates Checker.
And more convenient features you need every day.
User-friendly technical support.

Minimum system requirements

The listing below specifies the minimum system requirements for running ATC:

Microsoft Windows® XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/Vista/7/8.
CPU: 450 MHz Intel Pentium or compatible.
Memory: 1Gb MB for XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/VISTA/7/8.
Hard disk space: 10 MB.


We hope, you will like our program and will find it easy to use!
We are glad to answer any your questions.
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