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Absolute Time Server - Activation

Absolute Time Server requires activation*. Activation is a simple process that either requires Internet access or for you to contact us via E-Mail.

A note for network administrators of large companies. For 50+ license purchases we provide stand-alone versions of our software products. They are available on request and only for local-area (non-distributed) networks.


Activating automatically over the Internet

To activate Absolute Time Server over the Internet, copy your activation number from your e-mail receipt into the white field. In this example, our activation number is D123-B123-C123.

Absolute Time Server - Activation

After your number is entered as above, click Activate Online. At this time, Absolute Time Server will connect to our server to send your activation number to ensure that it is correct, has not expired, and has not already been used by someone else. None of your personal information is sent to us. After your number has been validated, your activation is complete and you will be presented with the confirmation screen, as shown here:



Activating manually via E-Mail

To activate via e-mail, you must send an e-mail to with your Activation number and you hardware ID. If you click the "Activate by e-mail…" button, your default e-mail application will open (as shown below) and you will only need to click Send. If your default e-mail is not configured or you use web-based e-mail such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or AOL mail, you should compose a new e-mail, copy and paste message text into that e-mail and send it to This text contains no personal information and is simply a unique number specific to your computer.

E-mail activation

After you receive a response via e-mail from Absolute Time Server with your personal, unique Order ID and Serial number, copy that into the white fields as shown here:

After your Order ID and Serial number is entered as above, click OK button and you will see the confirmation screen, as shown here: