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Keep Time AccurateKeep Time Accurate: Absolute Time Corrector keeps your system time accurate. It synchronizes your PC clock with Internet atomic time servers. You can pick several fastest and most reliable servers. Absolute Time Corrector supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxy servers. You can configure this program to adjust time automatically: at regular intervals or once at Windows startup. Absolute Time Corrector can serve as a time server, then you can keep an exact time on any computer in your network.

Until recently, only large companies could afford such software - banks, credit card processors, Internet Service Providers and so on. The release of Absolute Time Corrector has radically changed the situation. Industry professionals regard Absolute Time Corrector as the best time utility available on the Internet. It is priced under twenty dollars and you get a trial period before you buy this software.

Absolute Time Corrector has great, easy-to-use, nice-looking interface. It also offers many useful features, which make time synchronization process fast and easy:

Small description of Keep Time Accurate:

In this tour we will set up a time server in the local network and set up a client to synchronize with this server.

In order to do it, install Absolute Time Corrector on the computer that has internet access, and use SNTP protocol for best results. If your computer has internet access through Proxy server, then use TIME protocol. If this computer works under windows - turn off server mode in Absolute Time Corrector and install Absolute Time Server. If this computer does not work under WinNT - use only Absolute Time Corrector using option Work as Time Server.

After you do this, you will be able to correct time on all computers in your network through the computer that you already set up. In order to do this use LAN time servers via TIME protocol and Select LAN servers dialog for selecting the server. If server is not chosen automatically you can choose it manually by entering the name or IP of the server in the field at the top. Then click on the button to the right (the one that looks like arrow pointing down) and close the dialog by clicking OK. You can then test the servers using the menu (to do this right-click on the server's list). We recommend you do the testing because it will automatically kill servers that are not available and keep the ones that are online. Make sure you then click OK and not Cancel, otherwise you won't keep the settings.

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